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There is a severe lack of vertical split screen scrolling games on the C64. But don’t despair, “Metal Mayhem” is out to remedy the situation by delivering an old school one on one tank game. You can play against a friend or your less friendly computer. 

Each battle has a limited duration, and the tank that collects more points will win. Capturing the enemies flag and returning it to your HQ gives you 1000pts, destroying the enemies tank will yield 200pts and collecting randomly appearing bolts will award you 100pts.

Compatible with most C64s and emulators, PAL and NTSC.

Source code available on Github: MetalMayhem

Soundtrack by Crisps


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Graphics: Meh

Gameplay: Yeeeah


Good old "Return Fire" from the Playstation 1 or the one before it from the Amiga ("Firepower", I think was the name), with that kind of gameplay one can never go wrong. Good fun.

Now I'll have to make a cover for it...

Having no native hardware split screen options on a C64 one is kind of limited on the art side, when trying to do smooth scrolling with an independent left and right display.

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Well, the C64 -is- 40 years old. It'll suffice.



Not a bad game. It is pretty challenging against the computer, but two player mode might be fun if there are human opponents to play against. This might be good for parties :)


Really nice ! From  a technical perspective , how are you achieving smooth scrolling in the middle and the bottom of the screen ?!?!?


Very nice game!


Awesome game !


very nice


Great game!

I would have loved to kick my brother’s butt in this back in the day!

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A small but fun game 😎 It would be useful to place temporary mines to be able to cut off the opponent's way to get to our flag for a while 😁